Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Luz de Todos Los Tiempos / Light of All Times now available!!

 My new collection of poetry is now available. Please support my work and the work of Cowfeather Press, a small amazing publisher in Madison, Wisconsin. You can purchase Luz de Todos los Tiempos from the Cowfeather Press website or contact me directly at moisesvillavicencio (at) gmail (dot) com.

Advance Praise

I have known this marvelous poet, Moisés Villavicencio Barras, for many years. It is a pleasure to finally see his work published in a bi-lingual edition. His poety reflects devotion to Mexico, to his native Oaxaca, and to his family. The histories here, and the mysteries, come from the hand of a poet who should be read, whomust be heard. One finds here a mind focused on the beauty of language and the deep song of loveliness and love.—Neeli Cherkovski, author of Leaning Against Time

Read Moisés Villavicencio Barras's poems in Light of All Times and enter a dark, familiar theater of heartfelt longing. A theater skillfully built of forceful words and raw beauty. Do not trust the coyote at the crossing; trust the power of the eye, the ear, and the heart of this poet. —Bruce Dethlefsen, Wisconsin Poet Laureate 2011-2012

Moisés Villavicencio Barras's second collection of poetry offers us in lush, sensual language his childhood in Oaxaca and his Mazatec ancestors, his family life both there and in the U. S., and the experience of belonging to both far and near. In these poems, his
self-reflective vision of living at once in the North and South
awakens us to what is near, just outside the window, and to what is far, the jaguar in the ravine. He is a poet of such imaginative grace that, even after I've closed the book, I want to listen and be vulnerable enough to hear a voice speak this way again. In this bravely envisioned collection of poems, we read and feel transformed in its light, having grown closer to one another and to the earth, the source of song and beauty. —Roberta Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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